Actionable intelligence tailored to industry needs

Embedded in hardware or as standalone sensors, DGS analyzes RF spectrum utilization to create actionable data and insights specific to each industry.

Private Wireless Networks

A surge in Private Wireless Network deployments is being fueled by a plethora of new IoT applications, security concerns with existing networks, and dramatic capabilities of 5G networks.

DGS fully addresses this market with support for improved coverage and capacity, while enabling low-cost spectrum sharing options. Ultra-reliable and low-latency communications are supported today without having to wait for the next generation of standards.

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Tower Companies

5G networks and small cells are driving record numbers of tower adjustments and site additions. New entrants, such as rooftop owners, increase competition for legacy infrastructure providers.

DGS CLEARSITE adds capabilities to today’s wireless infrastructure: identifying and locating interference sources and disruptions in service automatically in real time, providing competitive benchmarking with real-world environmental data, aiding with asset placement, and creating a differentiated “smart tower” offering.

CLEARSITE also ensures the tower can support future 5G services that require high reliability and low latency.

Mobile Network Operators

Usage of public mobile networks is growing annually at 40%. Additionally, MNOs face hurdles to introduce 5G and capitalize on IoT/Industry 4.0 opportunities.

Additonally, operators must share new spectrum allocations with incumbents or risk losing access to valuable spectrum resources.

DGS solves MNO challenges by autonomously characterizing the RF environment and providing persistent, actionable data that optimizes network performance and dynamic spectrum sharing.

Open RAN Manufacturers

Open RAN uses vendor-neutral hardware and software based on open standards, ensuring interoperability while giving service providers the ability to mix best-in-class products.

DGS provides real-time environmental feedback to the RAN, allowing more efficient usage of congested spectrum and better resource allocation, while paving the way for true dynamic spectrum sharing.

Public Safety

Mission-critical networks and applications represent an important societal contribution of wireless networks. With effective deployment and management of these networks, lives are saved.

Through our engagements in this segment, DGS has developed solutions making Public Safety networks and associated applications more reliable.

Interference management, improved utilization visibility, support for ultra-reliable low latency communications, and counter UAV solutions are redefining first responder communications and operations.

Defense & Public Sector

Communicating in contested and congested environments is critical for warfighter operations. Additionally, RF-enabled devices such as drones, jammers, and other anomalous emitters threaten critical infrastructure.

DGS’s patented solution solves both of these issues, ensuring clear communications and alerting on RF threats.


Utility sites, such as electrical substations and oil/gas storage facilities, are often located in remote areas with no on-site security personnel, making them prime targets for vandalism or worse.

DGS patented solutions alert on anomalous wireless signals, including mobile devices loitering in proximity to a utility site. Our tip-and-cue architecture works with other devices, such as PTZ cameras, to ensure the centralized security operations center is aware of potential threats


Airports represent one of the most complex wireless environments with several radar types, WiFi, and mobile communications raising the noise floor.

The DGS patented machine learning engine finds signals of interest in congested and chaotic environments. This allows detection of superior drone and other anomalous signals, as well as helping to optimize spectrum allocation for deployed private networks.