Transforming today’s communications networks.

Ushering in tomorrow’s
new 5G services.

The efficiency, quality, and reliability necessary for the future of wireless environments.



Assess, organize, and optimize RF environments in real-time

DGS is a next-gen software platform for wireless deployments that characterizes the Radio Frequency environment across multiple dimensions.

With visibility at the network edge, network operators can de-conflict RF environments, optimize spectrum sharing, and fully realize their 5G ambitions.



Actionable intelligence tailored to industry needs

Embedded in existing communications hardware or as standalone sensors, DGS analyzes RF spectrum utilization to create actionable data and insights specific to each industry.

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A patent portfolio for the entire Radio Frequency spectrum

DGS patented technologies improve spectrum utilization today and enable the world’s anticipated low-latency and high-reliability applications and services.


A unique vantage point on the future of wireless networks

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in northern Virginia, DGS blends broad experience and deep expertise in the fields of Defense, Transportation, Utilities, Public Safety & Telecoms.

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