DGS Supports Spectrum Sharing in the Biden-Harris National Spectrum Strategy

In response to recent filings by the nation’s big wireless carriers, Digital Global Systems’ CTO Armando Montalvo is urging U.S. policymakers to stay the course on expanding American airwaves’ access for spectrum sharing vs. exclusive licensed use in future auctions.  He says, “The Government has the duty to properly manage spectrum, one of the most important finite resources affecting the economy and security of this country. This must be accomplished while balancing the needs to grow the economy, maintain operational effectiveness, and ensure national security is addressed. The main concern of the current wireless service providers is not that spectrum sharing is a bad concept or not useful, but that it will take time to develop and properly exploit the new opportunities that this new spectrum management technique could offer. Additionally, with spectrum sharing, carriers lose out on revenue from new 5G services offered by hyperscalers. This is a protectionist and short-sighted attitude that, if continued, will weaken the US’s capabilities to grow the economy while maintaining and improving government operations and security essential for maintaining the US as a world leader. More importantly, the tools necessary to make dynamic spectrum sharing a reality are readily available today. Tools like DGS’s CLEARSITE™, which provides persistent RF awareness, are facilitated by the adoption of Open RAN interfaces, cloud computing services, and A.I. capabilities and can make dynamic spectrum sharing economical and effective as a mechanism for spectrum management moving forward. This approach will not only strengthen the US economy but also result in a stronger telecommunication industry and new market opportunities for the development of new services.”