Wireless Network

The evolution of LTE and 5G have pushed the limits

of Radio Frequency spectrum as a resource.


DGS CLEARSITE™ optimizes RF network operations

through real-time utilization statistics.

Real-time data for real world applications

Radio Frequency spectrum is a finite resource, and the evolution of LTE and 5G have pushed the limits of RF spectrum as a resource.

To support both today’s and tomorrow’s wireless infrastructure, environmental utilization statistics are critical and should be available on-demand and integrated with the network.

DGS CLEARSITE™ technology and software analyze and optimize an array of RF spectrum applications and network operations, all in real-time.

Spectrum Utilization

A real-time awareness of your spectral environment

Next-generation wireless applications in robotics, virtual reality, and self-driving vehicles all have a similar requirement: Access to highly reliable, low latency wireless networks.

DGS patented technologies allow partners to truly understand the devices and services using their wireless spectrum by monitoring frequency, time, and space, with signal characteristics.

Combining multi-dimensional spectrum utilization with user-based policies, DGS partners are able to autonomously optimize networks, extract critical intelligence, and establish dynamic spectrum sharing.

Interference Analysis

Automatically detect, characterize, and locate interfering signals

Even the most advanced wireless networks remain vulnerable to intended and unintended interference. Communication signals are easily disrupted by targeting control signals.

DGS detects, characterizes, and locates interfering signals through persistent network visibility and timely processing at the point of intercept.

Network reliability is increased, operational costs are reduced, and mission-critical applications are protected.

Competitive Benchmarking

A persistent, actionable view of relative network performance

Mobile Network Operators are constantly searching for benchmarking of their network performance relative to other operators, but self-collected KPIs and crowdsourced data create an imperfect picture of their network.

Using RF data collected from an interconnected nodal network combined with multiple external data sources, DGS provides a persistent view of relative network performance and provides the actionable data for performance remedies.

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Real-time environmental awareness, coupled with AI, enables true dynamic spectrum sharing

Regulatory agencies around the world are moving from dedicated, allocated spectrum to spectrum that is shared among several entities.

Current sharing techniques, such as CBRS in the US, utilize propagation models that lack the timeliness and scalability to support next-generation applications.

DGS patented technology automatically provides real-time utilization statistics to both spectrum administration systems and to RAN infrastructure components, allowing better resource allocation and more efficient spectrum sharing.

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Infrastructure Management

Automated maintenance and infrastructure network planning

As small cells begin to dominate the market and tower companies focus on maintaining their market position, placing and optimizing wireless access sites is becoming increasingly complex.

Partnered with infrastructure owners, DGS creates actionable intelligence for a breadth of infrastructure functions: placement assessment, site optimization, interference coverage quality analysis, and competitive intelligence.

Using DGS’ persistent RF environmental data, tower salespeople can accurately model network performance to attract tenants to new locations. They can also use competitive benchmarking data to shore up tenants’ coverage gaps. Tower operators can effectively automate network maintenance functions and reduce operating costs.

Technologies shaping the future of wireless

Edge computing, SAS efficiency, end-to-end low latency, service prioritization, IoT, and more—the DGS portfolio of patents are the foundation for tomorrow’s wireless applications and services.

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