Performance, Efficiency and Security for Transportation Delivering wireless knowledge to support communications and security

Whether it is passengers or freight, the transportation industry has a responsibility to deliver cargo at the right place and time, in a secure manor. Maintaining wireless connectivity for the mobile workforce, critical systems and devices is paramount. With consistent and reliable end-to-end connectivity, logistics and security efforts are simplified.

DGS delivers fixed and mobile nodes, which autonomously analyze wireless environments, delivering knowledge regarding:

  • Occupancy
  • Gaps in coverage
  • Interference
  • Potential illicit activity.

As channels supporting voice operations and critical systems are distributed throughout the spectrum, DGS systems are equipped to quickly scan multiple disparate bands and provide relevant information. The transportation industry keeps nations moving. DGS technology supports that effort by providing valuable knowledge to keep transport connected and secure.

DGS CLEARSKY™ technology delivers enhanced situational intelligence regarding the existence of surveillance activities and potential adversaries in proximity to site. Wireless signatures denoting the existence of surveillance equipment, as well as the presence of mobile radios and cellular phones, are detected automatically. Alarms, containing details such as drone type and line of bearing, are sent to network operation centers supporting swift remediation.

As technology continues to evolve and threats continue to become more sophisticated, DGS technology offers smart technology enhancing physical and cyber security efforts for utilities.


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