Critical Asset Protection

Smaller and smarter RF-enabled devices significantly increase vulnerability and risk.


DGS CLEARSKY™ alerts stakeholders of Radio Frequency threats to cyber and physical security.

New solutions to new
security threats

Advancements in wireless and computer processing have enabled devices to become smaller and more capable. Just as innovation has delivered increased capability, Radio Frequency-enabled devices significantly increase vulnerability and risk.

Cyber and physical security strategies must now include components that address threats from RF-enabled devices.

DGS CLEARSKY™ technology and software alert stakeholders of Radio Frequency threats.

Drone Threat Management

DGS CLEARSKY detects drones quickly, anywhere from 40 MHz to 6 GHz, without relying on a drone signature library

The DGS Drone Threat Management (DTM) system:

  • Detects, classifies and locates drones anywhere in the swept spectrum (40 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • Classifies UAS (drone and controller) in less than 2 seconds
  • Integrates with third-party systems, such as cameras and radar
  • Uses patented geolocation techniques to provide better accuracy
  • Detects new and unknown drones without reliance on a signature library

Anamalous Signal Detection

Detect and identify other anomalous signals

RF threats extend beyond drones and include anomalous signals such as wireless jammers, mobile devices in restricted areas, unauthorized 2-way radios, and burst transmitters.

DGS detects, locates, and alerts on anomalous signals within the 40 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies, providing an added layer to physical and cyber security measures.

RF Situational Awareness

Automated systems for detailing real-time environmental signals

DGS provides detailed knowledge of the RF environment through the use of automated and autonomous systems that deliver easy-to-understand alerts of anomalous signals in near real-time.

This adds a layer of situational awareness for troop deployments and their associated deployed operations centers, tactical operations centers, and maritime operations centers.

DGS automates frequency coordination among allied forces and generates alerts for RF threats by using an advanced semantic engine and inference reasoner tied to mission-specific goals.

Technologies shaping the future of wireless

Edge computing, SAS efficiency, end-to-end low latency, service prioritization, IoT, and more—the DGS portfolio of patents are the foundation for tomorrow’s wireless applications and services.

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