Utility companies cannot afford to compromise on communications, safety or security

The challenge

  • Improving security by identifying unknown signals and potential intrusion, jamming, around critical assets and remote or unmanned sites etc.
  • Real-time analysis and identification of disruptive RF interference and other potential risks to effective communications.
  • Actively monitoring and managing RF across many thousands of miles of infrastructure, remote installations and critical sites.
  • Ensuring the operational integrity and security of critical communications that enable optimum efficiency.
  • Helps secure SCADA and M2M communications across all air interfaces and identify suspicious activities.

The solution

SigBASE requires no manual intervention or oversight to automatically monitor and analyze RF environments across large areas and widely dispersed infrastructures to detect and locate Radio Frequency issues in real-time, sending intelligent, actionable alerts to a central control centre for investigation or intervention.

Key Features

  • Each unit continually and autonomously collects and analyses data, in real-time to identify and locate the source of potential issues across large areas.
  • Connected and operated as a nodal network with processed data and alarms sent to control centre for further processing, analysis and action.
  • Each node can perform wideband scanning and has a sweep speed >24GHz/sec from 70MHz – 6GHz (configurable).
  • Ensure reliable coverage and high-quality voice and data communications across the entire voice and data networks.
  • Monitor, analyze, assign and manage all frequencies to avoid interference or clashes.
  • Identify and locate 3rd party signals or activity that may be impacting performance or indicate suspicious activity.
  • Undertake secondary analysis to identify “hidden” issues and opportunities to further improve performance over time.
  • Remotely identify misconfigurations and perform better triage of other issues without a truck-roll.
  • GPS-linked to provide accurate location data for issues.
  • Future-proofed with introduction of LTE, IoT and other communications technologies.
  • Can fully integrate with existing systems, e.g. SCADA to display or share information on current technologies.
  • Enhanced SCADA security and performance monitoring between equipment and control systems to identify tampering, hacking, jamming and other issues.
  • Real-time situational awareness of the RF environment across the monitored sites, personnel and infrastructure.
  • Ability to remotely login, monitor, manage and analyze RF activity and information on any individual unit.
  • Identify unusual or illicit activity that could impact operations or indicate a security breach.
  • Automatic alarms and alerts for rule breaches, changes and other issues displayed in the NOC for further action and investigation.
  • Autonomous and unattended real-time processing and analysis provides in-depth understanding of the entire environment.
  • Reduces the need for experts to spend time analyzing data to try and understand issues – Replay an issue for better understanding of what happened.
  • Ensure the integrity of RF connectivity against jammers, interference, etc.
  • Identifies and locates external interference – even 3rd and 5th harmonic sources – even bursty and intermittent signals.
  • Provides 24/7/365 analysis that drive testing and NIQ analysis cannot deliver.
  • Reliable field communications are ensured and issues rapidly remediated.
  • Identify out-of-band interference, such as heavy equipment harmonics and passive intermodulation

“Real-Time situational awareness for today’s utilities”

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