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DGS automated and remotely managed spectrum monitoring and analysis solution delivers Real-Time operational control for critical rail infrastructure

The challenge

  • Ensuring up to date national frequency allocation and channel management.
  • Identifying in real-time areas of potential and operationally disruptive RF interference.
  • Actively monitoring and managing RF across many thousands of miles of track, signals, points, road crossings, power equipment, goods yards, engine units and passenger services.
  • Communicating clearly, reliably and instantly with any staff member, or remote equipment installation to ensure on-going operations and provide security.
  • As the use of wireless technologies increases, both within trains and across railway infrastructure, the complexities and opportunities for failures, RF interference and acts of deliberate sabotage and vandalism grow exponentially.

The solution

SigBASE is a real-time, spectrum monitoring and analysis solution, which can be managed remotely and does not require any manual intervention for critical RF environment supervision across national rail infrastructures.

With SigBASE equipment installed in a nodal network at key locations (and in engine units/driver cabs on trains) it can detect radio frequency issues in real-time and have instant intelligent alerts sent to control centres for investigation or intervention.

Key Features

  • Each unit continually collects and analyses data autonomously, in real-time to identify issues across large areas.
  • Connected and operated as a nodal network with processed data and alarms sent to control centre for processing and action.
  • Each node has a sweep speed >24GHz/sec from 70MHz – 6GHz (configurable).
  • Ensure reliable coverage and high-quality voice and data communications
  • Monitor, analyze, assign and manage all frequencies to avoid interference or clashes.
  • Identify and locate 3rd party signals or activity that may be impacting performance.
  • Undertake further analysis to identify issues and opportunities to improve performance.
  • Remotely identify misconfigurations and other issues without a truck-roll.
  • GPS-linked to provide accurate location data for issues.
  • Future-proofed with introduction of LTE and other communications technologies.
  • Autonomous and unattended near-real-time processing and analysis provides in-depth understanding of the entire environment.
  • Alarms and alerts for rule breaches and other issues.
  • Ability to remotely login and analyse information, or to replay an issue for better understanding.
  • Reduces the need for experts to spend time analyzing data to understand issues.
  • Ensure the integrity of remote monitoring against jammers, interference.
  • Identifies external interference – even 3rd and 5th harmonic sources.
  • Identifies and locates even bursty and intermittent signals.
  • Provides 24*7*365 analysis that drive testing and NIQ analysis cannot deliver.
  • Conduct pre-installation environmental surveys to find issues
  • Find sources of RF interference that standard equipment can’t locate or identify.
  • Double-check after installation or changes to ensure everything is correct.
  • Ensure remote monitoring and CCTV is not suffering from interference.
  • Ensure the communications and safety of trackside workers.
  • Identify dead-spots and weak signals that could cause communications issues.
  • In-cab systems to monitor performance across the entire network.
  • Identify and locate activities that could indicate potential tampering or intrusion/trespassing.
  • Ensure the quality of feeds from body-worn cameras and personal radio.

“Real-Time situational awareness for today’s challenging rail operation”

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