Real-Time automated RF Spectrum visualization, monitoring & analysis from a single screen

The challenge

  • Spectrum is a finite and valuable resource with ever-increasing demands being placed upon it.
  • The need to manage available spectrum with optimal efficiency is critical, especially as technology drives capacity demands.
  • The need to identify and locate unauthorized usage is perhaps even more important.
  • Understanding how good your network coverage and performance is, every day, 24/7 and where you have gaps, congestion, spare capacity or interference is critical to customer retention and efficient use of both equipment and engineering resources.
  • The complexity and competition faced by today’s cellular operators presents operational challenges beyond simply managing their own spectrum.
  • Optimization of capital assets, reducing OPEx and delivering the best possible user experience demands an agile, real-time approach that most current management tools are unable to provide.

The solution

DGS offers a unique approach to spectrum management that adds significant capabilities for Telecoms operators. From the moment the system powers up, it is collecting and processing RF data and is constantly learning and fine-tuning results. This means that, where other systems must collect hours, or even days of data to provide meaningful information, SigBASE delivers results in minutes – even seconds.

Furthermore, where other solutions require large backhaul pipes, the DGS SigBASE solution only sends processed results, so can be fully functional, in real-time, over much smaller bandwidths and delivering detailed insight to the NOC 24/7, with filters, alarms and alerts to highlight events and trends that require attention. It can also be deployed standalone, as a collector, or in a fully connected nodal network, giving the NOC a detailed, real-time understanding of what’s really going on out there and immediate feedback on any changes that impact the network’s performance.

Key Features

  • Configured and operated either standalone, or as a nodal network with encrypted, high-speed backhaul of all (or just relevant) data, with the ability to login to any node(s) at any time
  • Each node has a sweep speed >24GHz/sec from 70MHz – 6GHz (configurable)
  • Ensure reliable coverage and high-quality voice and data communications
  • Monitor, analyze, assign and manage all frequencies to avoid interference or clashes.
  • Identify and locate 3rd party signals or activity that may be impacting performance
  • Undertake further analysis to identify issues and opportunities to improve performance
  • Continuously and autonomously gather and process RF data across large areas
  • Remotely identify misconfigurations and other issues without a truck-roll
  • Autonomous and unattended real-time processing and analysis provides in-depth understanding of the entire environment
  • Alarms and alerts for rule breaches and other issues
  • Ability to remotely login and analyze information or to replay an issue for better understanding
  • Reduces the need for experts to spend time analyzing signals to understand the issue
  • Ensures regulatory compliance on power and frequency and highlights issues
  • Identifies external interference – even 3rd and 5th harmonic sources
  • Identifies and locates even bursty and intermittent signals
  • Provides 24*7*365 analysis that drive testing and NIQ analysis cannot deliver
  • Conduct pre-installation environmental inspection
  • Find in-band, adjacent, intermod and harmonic interference that standard equipment can’t locate or identify, especially if it’s in a different frequency range
  • Double-check after installation or changes to ensure everything is correct
  • Validate neighbor rules, power, centre frequencies, tilt/azimuth, etc. are correct
  • Identify over shooters and under shooters for adjustment
  • Measure true output power, as experienced on the ground

“DGS enables efficient spectrum utilization to lower operating costs”

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