Spectrum Sharing

Spectrum Sharing

In order to meet spectral demand, governments across the globe have been moving forward on several initiatives:

⇒ Spectrum Relocation – Repositioning of government or commercial incumbents, such as broadcasters, for other commercial purposes.

⇒ Spectrum Sharing – Promoting joint use between Government incumbents and the commercial sector.

⇒ Creation of Dedicated Space for Unlicensed Use – For example, freeing up the 3.5 GHz space coveted by private sector data companies.

Relocation efforts will continue, however, development of technology capable of making spectrum sharing efficient is critical for long-term and effective spectrum management. Global data traffic continues to grow, by an order of magnitude, especially with modern cellular demand increases and as the number of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices continues to grow and standards start to emerge meaning that spectrum sharing initiatives are increasingly critical.

SigBASE Solution

In spectrum relocation, certain frequencies can often be “dirty” or have remaining legacy incumbents. Success in relocation and now success in spectrum sharing, rely on clear and efficient access to spectrum.

SigBASE technology enables private and public sector organizations to monitor and coordinate their usage:

⇒ In near real-time.

⇒ To be compared against historical data To be analyzed against spectral masks and public databases.

SigBASE provides a comprehensive and holistic picture of the spectral environment in real-time, enabling organizations to ensure their new spectral assets are interference free and able to support consistent high-quality communications.

Access to real-time data, with correlation to multiple data sources is the key to performance and assurance.