Spectrum Monitoring & Management

Automated Spectrum Monitoring and Management

The challenge

  • Monitoring and management of an entire country’s spectrum for thousands of users
  • Increasing utilization of portions of the bandwidth
  • Higher data rates for commercial communications are better served with ‘clean’ spectrum
  • Increasing availability and prevalence of radios for citizens that are used for illegal private networks and jamming
  • Shared spectrum demands precise monitoring
  • 5G rollout will utilize spectrum at higher frequencies and with legacy licensed and unlicensed users
  • Interference issues that were previously unseen because of geographical isolation

The solution

  • To address these complex challenges, Digital Global Systems developed SigBASE automated monitoring and signals analysis systems, which are fast to implement, easy to utilize and highly collaborative.
  • SigBASE automatic signal detect and temporal feature extraction enable 24×7 unattended monitoring with immediate data analysis and system generated triggers and alerts that enable real-time responses to issues.
  • SigBASE spectrum monitoring platform can be used in permanent, semi-permanent, and transportable deployments. Ruggedized mobile units, which are easy to configure and operate, enable field-based analysis and also support third party software platforms, making spectrum analysis and management more robust and efficient.
  • Mobile units can also link back to a centralized server, or to additional units across wide geographies through our Connect Anywhere network self-discovery feature. This feature enables the creation of a distributed spectrum monitoring network, unlike anything else currently available.
  • Data collected on both mobile and fixed units can remain stored on the unit or be efficiently back-hauled to a centralized server for more robust analytics. Our smart backhaul capability ensures the data is sent only when the network is clear.
  • Spectral displays, showing signal characteristics such as frequency, power, time, and more, can be viewed on remote devices with full command and control from a network operations center. This means engineers don’t have to remain physically onsite, enabling them to view and analyze real-time or historical spectral data, with complete control from wherever they are.

Key Features

  • Automated Analysis that intelligently processes signals and alerts to violation of license database for operator action and reporting
  • A learning engine that continues to fine tune analysis and reported results over time
  • Processing on the node to limit backhaul requirements
  • Ability to network all fixed and mobile monitoring units and run reports over multiple units
  • Concise low power form factor that is suitable for deployment in adverse environments
  • A unique portal that provides instantaneous look at all alerts and health of nodes
  • Geolocation through Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) or Angle of Arrival (AoA) with multiple networked nodes and proper antenna
  • Assist frequency coordinators, regulators and mission planners with compliance with fixed and mobile monitoring solutions
  • Automatic demodulation of signal information for license verification (where possible)
  • Trigger geolocation on alerts
  • Program precise monitoring campaigns with the DGS Spectrum Wizard
  • Customize Reports to highlight critical issues
  • Analyze historical data to determine characteristics of any interference, including location
  • Frequency Channel and Band Occupancy measurements compliant with ITU recommendations
  • Fixed and ruggedized units can be easily networked through DGS portal.
  • Nodal processing allows for minimal backhaul requirements
  • Automated Analysis means minimal time spent by engineers sifting through signals
  • Recording of Historical data allows deep dive analysis when needed.
  • Designed for unattended operation in remote areas; automatic updates of software and databases are possible; remote troubleshooting reduces site visits
  • Integration into mobile monitoring vehicles is possible with DGS engineering services
  • Monitoring as a Service is available
Spectrum Monitoring Analysis

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