Spectrum Analysis & Planning

Spectrum Analysis & Planning

Spectrum analysis is especially valuable for environments, such as stadiums, stations, shopping centers, airports, seaports, and other locations where the spectral environment is complex and constantly changing.

With spectrum in high demand, private and public sector organizations need to be able to optimize their usage—spectrum must be actively managed like any other critical asset. This often includes clearing “dirty” bands, upgrading or expanding network infrastructure and identifying under-utilized frequencies and channels.

But if you can’t see it, you can’t manage it. Currently most organizations are “flying blind” because they lack a full, real-time situational awareness of their spectral environment.

This means they are missing opportunities to leverage underutilized spectrum and are unaware when systems are underperforming. Even worse, they might not be able to depend on wireless systems when they need them the most.

With a comprehensive understanding of usage patterns and trends across the site, it is then possible to confidently plan and optimize the network(s) to reduce interference and optimize coverage and capacity according to actual usage data.  Furthermore, ongoing monitoring and analysis will ensure that the network performance continues to meet requirements and expectations.

SigBASE Solution

SigBASE systems deliver insight that empowers organizations to improve their spectrum planning operations.

The solution is delivered with multiple pre-formatted reports that provide actionable information relevant for spectrum planning including occupancy, signal activity, power/time, power/frequency, power usage report, variance report, inter-modulation report and more.

Multiple SigBASE units can also be deployed to create a distributed spectrum monitoring network to comprehensively catalog and baseline an RF environment, identify under-utilized space in existing holdings, over-subscribed frequencies and pinpoint sources of interference and this can be done for a single site or over a large geographic region.

The SigBASE range means there is a perfect solution for the mission at hand. Our ruggedized SigBASE 4000 convertible laptop/tablet model is designed with mobility in mind, allowing a more targeted approach.

Our fanless 5000 series can be mounted in tower based shelters, forming a distributed RF collection model, with multiple units working together for the mapping of spectral environments over large spans of terrain. Its smart backhaul capability enables it to transmit large amounts of data to a centralized server when the network is clear for detailed analysis.