SigBASETM Solution

The SigBASE™ Platform

The unique core capabilities of SigBASE™ are to scan, analyze, capture, manage and report real-time spectrum data automatically and unattended in a way that no other similar system is capable of doing.

In addition, SigBASE™ technology can provide the front-end RF analysis for a host of third party systems that require real-time spectral data. The SigBASE™ products have been carefully designed around a common software platform and feature set, with inter-operable hardware variants created to meet the desired project parameters – whether permanently fixed or fully portable; internally sited, or mounted outside and fully exposed to the elements. These units are all small-format, easily handled by one person, rapidly installed and configured and consume relatively little power.

All SigBASE™ units can either operate in stand-alone mode, or as part of an integrated nodal network and will process raw RF Spectrum data in near real time, presenting alarms and results as actionable information with no need for expert interpretation.

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