SigBASE Solution

The SigBASE Platform

The unique core capabilities of SigBASE are to scan, analyze, capture, manage and report real-time spectrum data automatically and unattended in a way that no other similar system is capable of doing. In addition, SigBASE technology can provide the front end RF analysis for a host of third party systems that require real time spectral data.

The SigBASE products have been carefully designed around a common software platform and feature set, with inter-operable hardware variants created to meet the desired project parameters – whether Fixed or Portable; internally sited or fully exposed to the elements.  These units are all small-format, easily handled by one person and only weigh roughly 3-5kg and consume relatively little power.

All SigBASE units can either operate in stand-alone mode, or as part of an integrated nodal network.  The SigBASE solution is designed to process raw RF Spectrum data in near-real-time and present the results as actionable information.

In standalone mode, data gathering and processing can be done in two main ways:
⇒Locally in real-time, with the data either being stored or uploaded to secure cloud for remote monitoring or storage, or…
⇒Raw data backhauled to a central location for full processing.

Local processing is ideal in areas with poor network coverage because it significantly reduces the bandwidth requirements and to further reduce traffic, it is also possible to set thresholds and alarms, so that only data that breaches (or meets) a set of parameters is sent.

As a nodal network, by default, all data from all nodes is backhauled to a central point for processing. But again, the raw data can be partially processed and just data of interest backhauled. The major advantage of this is that further augmentation, such as nodal variances give greater accuracy and detail on a specific aspect or anomaly.

SigBASE 4000 Series

The SigBASE 4000 is a highly versatile multi-functional platform for advanced RF analysis which is fully integratable with 3rd party vendor software and systems.

Evolution in RF Management Technology
⇒ 2/1 Convertible Rugged Laptop/Tablet Combination which is portable, vehicle mountable.
⇒ Integrated RF Transceiver Enabling RF Analysis on the Unit
⇒ Wideband Spectrum Analysis Capability – Sweeps up to 6 GHz Simultaneously
⇒ Signal Activity Automatically Recognized and Associated w/ Triggers and Alarms
⇒ Integrated Reporting and Mapping Suite
⇒ Demodulation Capability of FM, NXDN, P25, DMR and D-STAR
⇒ Operates as a Single Unit or as Part of a Network

Quickly Identify Signals of Interest or Anomalies
⇒ On-board signal recognition and learning systems differentiate signals from noise automatically,
feeding on-board reports, as well as real-time triggers
⇒ Compare real-time signal environments against historical baselines or user supplied data, to find interference and potential illicit activity faster
⇒ Fixed Operation (with Remote Access over the Web) enables 24 x 7 unattended analysis, capturing both chronic and intermittent interference

Traditional Spectrum Analysis Features Paired with New Innovation
⇒ Utilize Spectral Displays, paired with Waterfall, Persistence and Marker Displays, making spectrum analysis more efficient
⇒ Perform Wideband Data Collection and Drive Testing, producing reports efficiently on internal mapping interfaces or google maps

Widespread Industry Applications

⇒ Detection of Illegal or Unlicensed Broadcasts impacting P25 / Cellular Systems
⇒ Inference and Jamming Detection
⇒ Spectrum Exchange / Clearing / Swap
⇒ New Site Build & Venues
⇒ Design & Optimization for Macro, Small Cell, DAS & WiFi, P25
⇒ Military, Intel, Border Patrol, Seaports, Rail, Public Safety

SigBASE 5000 Series

Spectral Environments are becoming more complex and increasingly busy. With more spectrum in demand than ever before and interference becoming more abundant, traditional manpower intensive approaches for data capture and evaluation, are no longer sufficient.

Automated widespan scanning & Analysis 24/7

The SigBASE 5000 is a software defined platform for unattended wideband spectrum analysis. Complex spectral events are distilled in real-time, into simple data points creating actionable data, eliminating time intensive post processing. The system makes sense of constantly changing spectral environments and organizes data for efficient storage and retrieval. The robust signals and data intelligence suite, enables superior analytics and reduces time to identification and resolution.

As an active collection system, customizable alerts and alarms can be sent via text or e-mail remotely. Innovative networking techniques allow for remote instant access to one, or multiple 5000 systems deployed in the field. This allows the user to work with the SigBASE 5000 devices autonomously or in a collaborative cluster viewing real-time spectral displays, FFT replays and conducting analyses across the enterprise. The system’s open database architecture enables the use of real-time and/or historical data in collaboration with customer systems or publically available databases.

⇒ Software Upgradeable
⇒ Multiple hardware configurations available including IP67 Rating
⇒ Unattended Sensor Capability
⇒ Fully Contained Solution (No External Receiver needed)
⇒ Spectral Playback at any Frequency Applications
⇒ Interference Hunting / Detection
⇒ Monitoring for illegal or Unlicensed Broadcasts (Airports / Public Safety)
⇒ Clearing communications channels for Rail in PTC and AAR
⇒ Spectrum Occupancy / Clearing
⇒ Law Enforcement / Security / Sensitive Site monitoring