RF Cyber Security 

RF Cyber Security

A key and growing challenge and concern in the cyber security world is knowing what’s going on and defending the Wi-Fi and wireless/cellular domains.

Traditional threat detection and mitigation relies on firewalls to prevent unwanted access to networks and encryption to make traffic impossible to “read” over the airwaves.  It also requires the wireless devices – laptops, smart-phones, tablets, etc. to be properly configured and for users not to do anything stupid like logging onto a spoof domain operated by a illegitimate party.

There are documented cases where a spoof hotspot was established at an airport of other public location, which looked legitimate, but users who logged on had their devices hijacked, hacked or compromised in other ways.

It is also possible for someone sitting on the periphery of a Wi-Fi hotspot to eavesdrop all communications between devices and perhaps to compromise or hack the hotspot, gaining access to the attached corporate network.  Even with heavy encryption, it is possible to eventually decrypt the captured data with modern computing power.

With SigBASE it is possible to identify and locate such devices – imagine someone sitting on the road outside your offices, or establishing a spoof hotspot inside the airport, or jamming legitimate Wi-Fi devices in an attempt to drive frustrated users onto their alternative and illegitimate devices.  How useful would it be if you could detect, mitigate and intercept this activity and shut them down?