Public Safety

There are no second chances with public safety, making Real-Time situational awareness crucially important

The challenge

  • Providing clear, reliable and uninterrupted communications for both routine operations and major incidents involving multiple agencies.
  • Providing real-time analysis and identification of disruptive RF interference and other potential risks to effective first responder communications.
  • Actively monitoring and managing RF across large areas or specific sites of special interest.
  • Ensuring the operational integrity and security of voice and data communications to ensure optimum efficiency and protection of lives.
  • Improving security by identifying unknown signals and potential intrusion, jamming, etc.

The solution

SigBASE solution provides a clear understanding of the RF environment and delivers answers in minutes after deployment and initial setup, or in real-time if deployed as a permanent monitoring solution.  This means that being able to see what’s going on in the invisible spectrum is now a reality for:

Major Incident Management

  • Rapidly create a “virtual RF ring-fence” around the location(s) to help detect and prevent intrusion by people or drones.
  • Ensure critical frequencies are monitored and kept clear and reliable.
  • Identify and locate jammers, interference and other suspicious signals – even just cell phones that shouldn’t be there.
  • Create temporary frequency plans for multi-agency operations to ensure optimum communication, cooperation and safety.

Network Coverage and Performance

  • Equipment can be deployed on vehicles to constantly monitor and manage network performance.
  • Autonomous and unattended operation 24/7, with data being collected and sent to a data centre or control centre.
  • Automatic alerts are generated when issues are detected, so they can be investigated and addressed.

Key Features

  • Each unit continually and autonomously collects and analyses data, in real-time to identify and locate the source of potential issues across large areas.
  • Connected and operated as a nodal network with processed data and alarms sent to control centre for further processing, analysis and action.
  • Each node can perform wideband scanning and has a sweep speed >24GHz/sec from 70MHz – 6GHz (configurable).
  • Ensure reliable coverage and high-quality voice and data communications across the entire voice and data networks.
  • Monitor, analyze, assign and manage all frequencies to avoid interference or clashes.
  • Identify and locate 3rd party signals or activity that may be impacting performance or indicate suspicious activity.
  • Undertake secondary analysis to identify “hidden” issues and opportunities to further improve performance over time.
  • GPS-linked to provide accurate location data for issues.
  • Future-proofed for the introduction of 4G-based networks, to ensure reliable performance.
  • Can fully integrate with existing management systems.
  • Enhanced operational confidence and effectiveness, even in complex environments
  • Real-time situational awareness of the RF environment across the monitored sites, personnel and infrastructure.
  • Ability to remotely login, monitor, manage and analyze RF activity and information on any individual unit.
  • Identify unusual or illicit activity that could impact operations or indicate a security breach.
  • Automatic alarms and alerts for rule breaches, changes and other issues displayed in the NOC for further action and investigation.
  • Autonomous and unattended real-time processing and analysis provides in-depth understanding of the entire environment.
  • No need for expert operators to spend time configuring systems and analyzing data.
  • Ensure the integrity of RF connectivity against jammers, interference, etc.
  • Reliable field communications are ensured and issues rapidly remediated.

“Real-Time Situational Awareness for major incident management”

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