DGS network solutions provides open architecture integration with 3rd party platforms through industry standard protocols and interfaces.  Our philosophy is an open data solution that puts the power of information into the client’s processes as  efficient as possible.  The DGS platform can operate as a SAS solution hosted in the Digital Global Systems cloud, in a client’s enterprise network, or other hosting facilities such as AWS.  The edge nodes in the DGS platform are autonomous units enabling the flexibility to support direct data transfers into 3rd party applications.

Our interoperability solution provides data and systems access in the following solutions:

⇒ Web Services leveraging HTML5 with a full featured API supporting modern browsers.
⇒ Peer-to-Peer communications with direct or staged bi-directional data transfer through HTTPS,  CURL,  SCP, or SFTP
⇒ Near real-time alerting with rich data content through standard ubiquitous communication infrastructure such as email,  MMS,  or SMS.

DGS Open architecture technology provides the foundation for Partner applications that provide customer driven solutions across multiple requirements and markets globally.. To find out more about how to partner with DGS please contact us.

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