Drone Threat Management

Drone Threat Management

Drones are a new and emerging issue, and the threat is growing at truly alarming rates – Whether it is an irresponsible (but innocent) user flying their $200 quadcopter near an airport and jeopardizing passenger flights, or criminals using a drone to smuggle drugs into a prison, or someone flying it into a sports stadium as an unwelcome publicity stunt… the potential uses and possible outcomes are limitless.

Of greater concern is terrorists using domestic drones to deliver explosive devices against civilians or peace-keeping troops, which ISIS have started doing in Syria and elsewhere – and could easily start doing elsewhere in the world.

In reality, every public venue or news-worthy location is potentially at risk from drones, whether an innocent prank, an irresponsible act or a deliberately planned and executed act of terrorism.

The main challenges come from the fact that these units are easy to buy and operate, almost undetectable using traditional methods and hard to stop.  To the extent that some countries are training birds of prey to catch them, but this means having someone there, onsite, 24x7x365 ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

The DGS solution is capable of detecting and triangulating the location of the control frequencies, to identify the operator and the video feed from the drone.  With this information, SigBASE can automatically alert response teams to intercept the operator and, when integrated with specialist equipment, customers are able to disable or take control of the drone in a safe manner.