Critical Asset Protection

Protecting critical assets and national infrastructure is a top priority and traditional physical barriers are no longer enough

The challenge

  • Protecting networks of widely dispersed unmanned locations such as utility and energy sites from theft and nefarious acts of terrorism and sabotage is critical.
  • CCTV Cameras can see in the visible spectrum but understanding the invisible spectrum in order to take control of your RF environment is key to understanding who or what may pose a threat and enable your organization to react effectively
  • Providing RF Geo-fencing of key locations for real-time protection against malicious or intrusive drone threats or surveillance
  • Identifying attempts at eavesdropping, jamming, hacking or intrusion over the airwaves

The solution

SigBASE is built in both fixed and portable hardware formats and is designed to withstand extremes in environmental conditions and handling. It can be installed free-standing or as part of a nodal network and the local processing means it does not require large backhaul bandwidths or huge amounts of onboard and attached storage.

SigBASE can be installed and running in minutes, gathering data and learning the environment from the first second it is live and is perfect for mounting in vehicles or even for hand–operation.

Key Features

  • DGS SigBase scans from 70MHz to 6GHz (configurable) at very high speed to gather raw data.
  • Each unit operates autonomously within a nodal network, gathering and processing data in real-time.
  • The spectral environment is learned and baselined from moments after the unit is turned on.
  • Any changes, suspicious signals or rule-breaches trigger alarms for action by people or other equipment.
  • 24/7 real-time analysis of data to provide actionable information on threats or issues with type and location data.
  • Ensures full operational integrity of radio communications and other wireless voice and data systems.
  • Optimize wireless communications and minimize interference.
  • Virtual ring-fence around each location means potential threats are rapidly detected and located.
  • Protect against jammers, fake hotspots, etc.
  • Identify and locate drones for interception.
  • Stop drone incursion into controlled zone.
  • Help secure RF communications against hacking and interference.
  • RF situational awareness with real-time, autonomous alerts.
  • Continuously learns for better analytics.
  • Receive early notification of potential threats not previously detected.
  • Clear, reliable radio comms for both staff and equipment.
  • Wireless cameras protected from RF interference or jamming.
  • Identifies threats and patterns that a human would miss and gives alerts.
  • Proactive defenses against drone attack.
  • Remote autonomous monitoring and alerts to assist staff vigilance.
  • Ensures communications frequencies are clear in an emergency.

“Real-Time Visibility for Critical National Infrastructure Protection”

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