CLEARSKY™ combines automated RF spectrum analysis and world-class drone threat management to provide stadiums with interference-free communications and a barrier against unauthorized drones. CLEARSKY™ uses patented technology to automatically capture, interpret, locate, and alert on rogue wireless signals, ensuring that stadium and field communications are available. The signal classification engine uses Artificial Intelligence to detect known and unknown drones in record times, and the drone defense mechanism keeps unauthorized drones out of restricted airspace while also disabling the drone’s video feed.


Stadium operators contend with tens of thousands of people using wireless devices and dozens of critical radio sources, all contained within a confined space built entirely from concrete and steel. This chaotic and congested wireless environment, combined with emerging threats like drones and jammers, creates an extremely challenging problem that requires an intelligent solution. Failure to effectively manage this environment jeopardizes brand value, reputations, revenues, safety, and lives.

The key to operational efficiency and safety is a solution that addresses threat management while ensuring the availability of reliable communications.

CLEARSKY™ delivers enhanced security and operational efficiency by combining the power of patented wireless spectrum management with state-of-the-art drone mitigation. This combination of real-time environmental and situational awareness ensures that communications are available for those who need it most, like first responders, while actively searching for and addressing threats.

CLEARSKY™ unmasks the hidden threats in your wireless environment

Stadium RF Operations

  • Identifies and locates interference and performance issues for wireless camera systems, on-field radio, in-house audio-visual, TV broadcast, and staff radio.
  • Assists with frequency coordination.
  • Constantly learns the environment, identifying emerging issues and enhancements.
  • Provides optimum performance models for different events – concerts, sports, etc., while fine tuning during the event.
  • Mobile surveys/monitoring available for areas not covered by fixed nodes

Stadium RF Security

  • Identifies open channels in emergencies, delivering dedicated, clear communication to first responders and security staff.
  • Detects and tracks potential threats, including jammers and other rogue signals, allowing rapid intervention.
  • Patented signal detection and learning engine identify emerging issues from 70 MHz to 6 GHz.
  • Historical analysis shows location of nefarious signals over time, identifying trends and correlated events that disrupt communications.

Drone Threat Management Zone

  • Automated drone detection and defense, no operator required.
  • Creates a “ring-fence” that protects the entire venue from single or multiple simultaneous drones.
  • Keeps drones from entering restricted airspace without impacting other wireless communications.
  • Allows authorized drones to fly as needed.
  • New drone signatures can be relayed to all DGS units as soon as they are seen, ensuring you have maximum protection.

CLEARSKY™ for Drone Threat Management

  • Simply push a button to engage drone detection and defense. No operator training required.
  • Protection against single or multiple drones.
  • Provides line of bearing to both drone and controller.*
  • Stops unauthorized drone incursion without affecting other wireless communications.
  • Disables video feed of unauthorized drone.
  • Mobile and/or fixed-node deployments.
  • Passively monitors wideband radio frequencies.
  • AI learning engine can detect previously-unseen drone protocols and publish this new pattern to other DGS nodes in near-real time.

* Future software release provides more accurate Geo-location of drone and controller.

CLEARSKY™ for Spectrum Management

  • Autonomous with standalone or networked and fixed or mobile deployments.
  • Automatically deconflicts all communication channels in real-time, looking for interference and potential threats.
  • Each node has a sweep speed >24GHz/sec between 70MHz – 6GHz (can be configured)
  • Automatically sends alerts to the appropriate party (ies) for remediation.
  • Supports on-field communications and wireless security cameras.
  • Can deliver additional insights such as radio IDs (digital) and quality metrics such as Received Signal Strength and Bit Error Rate for deep analysis.
  • Coverage mapping and dead spot detection (mobile unit).
  • Remote access and management from any desktop via secure online portal.
  • Backhaul data to a central node or operations centre for further analysis and centralized management


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