CLEARSKYTM First Responders

CLEARSKY™ is an advanced situational awareness solution ideal for incident management scenarios when clear and integral communication channels for police & first responders are critical. CLEARSKY™ provides real-time RF monitoring & analysis, combined with a world-class drone theat management capability.

CLEARSKY™ provides visibility and control of the entire incident management RF environment and a virtual safe zone against UAVs around your area of responsibility.

More than just drones. Making sense of the chaos.

With improvements in technology and connectivity have come new devices and applications, each with ever-greater demands for bandwidth What this now means for a major incident in an urban area is a concentration of operational personnel, media and civilian spectators, all competing for a finite amount of bandwidth in a small area. Combined with emerging threats like drones and jammers, this can impact capacity & security, potentially jeopardizing mission critical communications and risking lives.

“The key to operational efficiency and safety is a solution that addresses threat management while ensuring the availability of reliable communications.”

CLEARSKY™ delivers enhanced security and operational efficiency by combining the power of patented wireless spectrum management with state-of-the-art drone mitigation. This combination of real-time environmental and situational awareness ensures that communications are available for those who need it most, like first responders, while actively searching for and addressing threats.

Key Features

  • Actively monitors and manages spectrum to ensure consistent and reliable quality across multi-agency communications. Ongoing analysis, re-planning and optimization of spectrum and coverage to ensure operational integrity & continuity.
  • Identify suspicious wireless activity and movements for further investigation/interception.
  • Actively manages chosen frequencies for Incident management to ensure operational effectiveness providing real-time situational awareness for threat mitigation.
  • Detects drones and their operators at extremely long distances, preventing them from disrupting ongoing incident management scenarios. Defeats drones before they enter AORs,  mitigating threats to safety and security.

CLEARSKY™ unmasks the hidden threats in your environment.

Command and Control

  • Ensures optimum frequency allocation and utilization across all participating agencies.
  • Ensures compliance by creating and enforcing frequency and channel plans.
  • Identifies suspicious activity and movements for further investigation/interception.
  • Undertake event correlation to identify and locate new signals of interest.
  • Prepare more detailed mission plans based on additional RF intel gathered over time.
  • Identify and locate burst, intermittent and hidden signals that human analysts often miss.
  • Create “virtual ring-fences” around key installations to protect them and gather Intel.
  • Autonomous, unattended gathering and processing of RF data with real-time alerts.
  • Post-process field data gathered during missions.

Tactical Units

  • Protects officers in the field by identifying new signals during missions.
  • Detect potential threats by identifying changes in the signal environment.
  • Prioritize operational channels and jam threat channels with confidence.
  • Efficiently allocate frequencies and channels for missions.
  • Gather additional live data during missions that can be post-processed for added intelligence.
  • Undertake pre-mission intel gathering using stealth units placed near the target.
  • Use virtual ring-fences around response units to detect threat activity nearby.
  • Deliver detailed real-time information to analysts that does not need further interpretation.

Drone Threat Management Zone

  • Detects and defends at extremely long distances, up to 2km.
  • Creates a “ring-fence” that protects the entire AOR from drones. Intelligently engages each type of drone in the most intelligent manner to remove the drone from restricted airspace.
  • Detects drones across the entire 40 MHz to 6 GHz range, not just 2.4 and 5 GHz.
  • Machine learning engine identifies new threats and ensures protection against new drones.

CLEARSKY™ for Drone Threat Management

  • Allows authorized drones to fly.
  • Protection against single or multiple UAVs.
  • Provides controller and video/telemetry targeting.
  • Targets UAV threat only.
  • Mobile and/or fixed deployments.
  • On-going software updates and machine learning database protect against new drones
  • Handles popular commercial drone protocols, including DJI Lightbridge and OcuSync, SkyController 2, and WiFi drones.
  • Surveys wideband communications spectrum (40 MHz to 6 GHz) for drone signatures.
  • Drone detection features machine learning, enabling rapid assimilation of new signatures.

CLEARSKY™ for Spectrum Management

  • Autonomous with standalone or networked and fixed or mobile deployments.
  • Automatically deconflicts communication channels in near real time, looking for interference and potential threats.
  • Automatically sends alerts to the appropriate party(ies) for remediation.
  • Can deliver additional insights such as radio IDs (digital) and quality metrics such as Received Signal Strength and Bit Error Rate for deep analysis.
  • Each node sweeps between 40MHz – 6GHz (can be configured)
  • Automatically sends alerts to the appropriate party(ies) for remediation.
  • Can deliver additional insights such as radio IDs (digital) and quality metrics such as Received Signal Strength and Bit Error Rate for deep analysis.
  • Remote access and management from any desktop via secure online portal.
  • Backhaul data to a central node or Operations Center for further analysis and centralized management.