About Us

About Us

DGS is a leading provider of smart RF spectrum monitoring technology for telecommunications, transportation, utilities, public safety, government and defense organizations. Headquartered in Washington DC, DGS operates globally across 4 continents.

DGS was created with one goal in mind—to develop capabilities that give customers visibility & control of their RF spectral environment for situational awareness and action. This led to the creation of the SigBASE platform and two ground-breaking innovations which form the basis of SigBASE technology:

1) Powerful software capable of distilling valuable spectral data over wide bands in dynamically changing environments. This is autonomous and real-time at the point of collection, which provides actionable intelligence faster and significantly reduces backhaul requirements.

2) Automated analytics engines capable of aggregating user supplied data, publicly available databases and historical baselines to supply actionable information regarding interference, open space and potential illicit activity. These analytics can operate on the collection node or in a server.

The fusion of these two innovations delivers better planning, coordination, and overall spectrum management for our customers whatever their application and wherever they need it.

Patented Technology

DGS has been awarded 26 patents with 2 pending for advancements in the analysis, collections, distribution and management of spectral data.


How we capture RF data

  • ⇒ Broader – Autonomous monitoring of large swaths of spectrum.
  • ⇒ Deeper – Capture a higher percentage of bursting signals, get closer to the noise floor & automatically adjust to dynamically changing environments.
  • ⇒ Actionable – Intelligent decisions made at the node.
  • ⇒ Real-time – Data is filtered and processed immediately.

How we process RF data

  • ⇒ Metadata created in real-time for rapid utilization (triggers and reports).
  • ⇒ Learning system capable of building a baseline and finding conflicts.
  • ⇒ Automated triggers initiate alarms, IQ capture, geolocation, etc.

How we store & manage RF data

  • ⇒ Intelligent and flexible backhaul.
  • ⇒ Auto connect functionality.
  • ⇒ Compatible with 3rd party downstream systems.
  • ⇒ Big Data system combines multiple industry data points for enhanced visibility.

How we present RF data

  • ⇒ Simplified user Interface.
  • ⇒ Easy to understand reporting.
  • ⇒ Web or Java based Presentation Layers.