About Us

About Us

Digital Global Systems (DGS) Headquartered in Washington DC was formed in 2013 and specializes in the delivery of advanced, Real-Time RF Spectrum analysis and monitoring for the Defense, Transportation, Utilities, Public Safety & Telecoms markets.

DGS has been awarded 30 Patents for the advancement of spectrum monitoring and RF data management, enabling the capture and analysis of wideband spectrum data at the point of intercept for applications that deliver real-time situational awareness.


The DGS SigBASE solution makes spectrum data relevant for real-time situational awareness, helping improve Operations and Performance:

  1. Our patented software algorithms process and analyze all RF data directly on the node at very high speed, negating the need to back-haul large amounts of raw data. This means we immediately identify potential issues like degradation, interference, illicit signals and congestion at the point of collection.

  2. Our temporal feature extraction, which is a learning capability, is an algorithmic solution that maps the environment. It starts learning from the moment it powers up and continuously fine-tunes to automatically identify signals of interest and then backhaul only what is relevant and necessary for further analysis, saving the RF expert’s hours of manual data processing.

  3. Auto Signal Detect (ASD) allows our software to automatically and very rapidly scan a very wide spectrum environment lower to the noise floor than other solutions. This finds intermittent, burst, transient and hidden signals that would be impossible to see with other solutions or if monitored manually.

  4. This real-time capability is augmented by automated analytics engines capable of comparative analysis against user supplied data, publicly available databases (e.g. regulatory licensing) and historical performance baselines to supply actionable information regarding interference, under-utilized frequencies and potential illicit activity. These analytics can operate on the collection node or in a centralized server.

  5. Our devices are accessible from anywhere allowing the user to monitor the spectrum and control the units remotely.

  6. Our patented approach to collecting and processing signals allows us to process at the point of intercept and create meaningful knowledge for the user more quickly and in "stealth" mode if required.

All of these combined capabilities occur in real-time so that the user has a view of what is going on in the RF environment in the moment, rather than hours or days later, when its relevance has passed.

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