“Turning spectrum data
into RF knowledge”

DGS has exceptional experience and expertise working within multiple sectors and applications where a deep understanding of the RF environment in Real-Time is essential for operational excellence.

Telecom spectrum management


Comprehensive monitoring and analysis solution for dynamically managing spectral and network efficiency

Spectrum management system

Spectrum Monitoring & Management

Comprehensive solution for automated wide-band spectrum learning, visualization, monitoring & management.

Spectrum monitoring

Critical Asset Protection

Providing an additional layer of protection for Critical National Infrastructure and high risk public venues

Stadium Drone Threat Management

Drone Threat Management

A world class drone threat mitigation solution providing permanent and tactical protection for civilian and military applications.


Versatile, multifunctional mobile and fixed node solutions for Long Duration Spectrum Management and Real-Time Analysis.

Defense Security System

Defense & Security

Signals Intelligence, RF situational awareness and frequency management solution for all operational environments.

About Us

Digital Global Systems (DGS) Headquartered in Washington DC was formed in 2013 and specializes in the delivery of advanced, Real-Time RF Spectrum analysis and monitoring for the Defense, Transportation, Utilities, Public Safety & Telecoms markets.

DGS has been awarded 30 Patents for the advancement of spectrum monitoring and RF data management, enabling the capture and analysis of wideband spectrum data at the point of intercept for applications that deliver real-time situational awareness.


Digital Global Systems CEO

“One Source for National Infrastructure and Critical Asset Protection”

Our strategy is to get the RF knowledge in the hands of the user faster, automatically, and in an easy to understand format. A distributed and interconnected nodal network is deployed to protect a particular geography: be it a seaport, border, convoy, or high-risk asset. Leveraging our patented spectrum learning systems, our nodes quickly and autonomously create a baseline of any spectral environment, following which, they identify signals that don’t belong or that deviate from this baseline.

DGS systems combines content from various structured and unstructured data sources which provides a much higher level of situational awareness and threat detection. “With our technology, security agencies can monitor remote areas automatically and detect interference and anomalies, with no manpower requirement on site.” “Our solution delivers alerts to their command center when an RF signal persists near one of these facilities.” This feature provides a level of situational intelligence not currently available, without the need to deploy additional manpower.