Our Markets

DGS has deep experience and expertise working within the industries that are most impacted by the spectrum crunch. This has allowed us to design our portable & managed service spectrum monitoring platform, for the specific challenges faced in multiple vertical markets.


Coordinate frequencies & reduce operational costs more effectively within a National Utility Network, Airport, Port or Rail environment.


Increase operational effectiveness, safety and time to resolve critical Utility network issues.

Public Safety

Quality and sustained network communications for Police & First responders.

Defense & Security

Real time Situational Intelligence for the battlefield scenarios, forward operations, convoy & base perimeter protection.


Broad Spectrum Analysis & visibility for effective Governance & Planning of current environment & future rollouts.


Coverage Mapping, Capacity Planning & Automated Interference Reduction.

About Us

Digital Global Systems (DGS) Headquartered in Washington DC was formed in 2013 and evolved out of an intelligence-driven project that required near real time analysis of spectrum data to identify, locate and decode signals of interest in complex and dynamic RF spectrum environments.

In just 3 years DGS has been awarded 30 Patents for the advancement of spectrum monitoring and RF data management, enabling the capture and analysis of wideband spectrum data at the point of intercept for near real-time situational awareness across multiple industries including Defense, Transportation, utilities, Public Safety & Telecoms.