Our Markets

DGS has deep experience and expertise working within the industries that are most impacted by the spectrum crunch. This has allowed us to design our portable & managed service spectrum monitoring platform, for the specific challenges faced in multiple vertical markets.


Coordinate frequencies & reduce operational costs more effectively within a National Utility Network, Airport, Port or Rail environment.


Increase operational effectiveness, safety and time to resolve critical Utility network issues.

Public Safety

Quality and sustained network communications for Police & First responders.

Defense & Security

Real time Situational Intelligence for the battlefield scenarios, forward operations, convoy & base perimeter protection.


Broad Spectrum Analysis & visibility for effective Governance & Planning of current environment & future rollouts.


Coverage Mapping, Capacity Planning & Automated Interference Reduction.

About Us

Incorporated in 2013, DGS is now a global company operating on four continents. With 26 patents awarded for advancements in the automation of Spectrum Visibility and Data Analysis: Governments, Defense, Critical Infrastructure & Enterprises can now analyze and react in real time on what’s happening in their RF environment: enhancing situational awareness, security and operational effectiveness. At DGS, we developed a transformational business model for innovative subscription-based services that focuses on signal data analytics: replacing the hardware centric industry model that exists today...


New Products & Services

Portable Analysis Solutions

SigBASE 4000 series :The evolution of multi functional RF Management Technology.

Permanent Service Nodes

SigBASE 5000 Series: Built for 24/7 unattended RF monitoring and analysis…

Managed Spectrum as a Service

Real time Situational Awareness and advanced spectral analysis as a service…